We are confident that RS can help the Automotive sector thrive and maintain it's competitive edge in the growing global market, and will continue to develop our offer of products and services to meet the needs of the industry.

Industry Requirements

The Automotive and specialist vehicle manufacturing sector has been experiencing a renaissance over the last few years. The automotive equipment sector produces everything from cherry pickers, ambulances and military vehicles to sports cars, tractors and buses.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) industry summary for 2015 suggests that it is a £64bn manufacturing sector, with over 2,200 UK organisations either directly involved in the production of vehicles or supplying components and assemblies into the sector.

The automotive industry is truly global, and the SMMT summary indicates that a significant proportion of the growth in the sector has been driven by export demand – demonstrating the value the rest of the world sees in British engineering and innovation.

RS Components have supported numerous specialist vehicle manufacturers and R&D centres with our market leading Electronics & Electrical components offer for many years, giving them access to the latest products as well as design tools. Other sections of the industry including plastic component makers, foundries, gearbox & drivetrain manufacturers and Formula 1 teams have also benefited from our product offer and our world class service.


Unplanned downtime due to equipment failure can be very costly in terms of both lost time and production output, and materials wastage.

Solution: Undertaking regular inspections of parts using non-intrusive tools, such as infra-red thermal imagers and vibration analysers or monitoring and control relays can help you detect and predict issues before they lead to failure. RS can provide advice on the right solution for your application.


There is often a requirement to re-work designs for a new customer, or re-task existing machines for the production of a new part or assembly.

Solution: RS provides FREE access to its DesignSpark suite of software design tools. This now includes 3D mechanical design, Electrical design and PCB design. All the tools are free to download, activate and use. Find out more online at


Knowing how much electrical energy is used by different parts of your process will enable energy efficiency measures to be implemented.

Solution: Local Power Monitoring. RS has a range of kWh power meters which can be easily retro-fitted to provide a local indication of power usage. The range includes a variety of capabilities from simple local kwH measurement to power factor & datalogging capability. The RS offer also includes a comprehensive range of energy efficient solutions such as IE2 motors, variable speed drives, and low energy lighting.