Take a look below and browse the key technologies and brands in our offer which are most relevant to the automotive machinery and vehicle manufacturing sector.


Inductive and photoelectric sensors are used extensively within the production line. Other sensors such as temperature and pressure are also used on-vehicle.


Push buttons, limit switches, control stations, isolators, contactors, and industrial relays are used within the production line control system and within the end product.

Power Transmission & Conveying

Conveying operations within the manufacturing line use power transmission components and these require regular maintenance to avoid unplanned production downtime.

Motion Control

Many parts of the process require motor-driven motion often combined in panel control via a variable – speed drive, soft start and the AC or DC motion on the machine.

Process Control

Will control virtually all processes within the manufacturing line – either individual machines or an entire production line.

Machine Guarding

Machine guarding & safety components are a key requirement. The range includes switches, light curtains safety relays, e-stop push buttons & rope pulls.

Lights & Signalling

LEDs to Heatsinks that protect the performance of the lighting system are available through RS.

Cables & Cable Management

Electrical wiring is a huge element in vehicle systems. RS offers products and accessories to manage complex wiring systems.

Mobile Power

Transistors, connectors, isolators, drivers and voltage protection are all requirements within the auto industry.


From H&S to PPE, all facilities can be supported with essential products.