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Moflash Signalling: When safety is paramount

Based in Birmingham, UK, Moflash Signalling is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of acoustic and visual signalling devices. The company has grown significantly over the last 23 years, introducing new product ranges, expanding its worldwide distribution network and acquiring two major brands: Clifford and Snell, and KMEurop, a major distributor in France.

Our company offers a wide range of signalling devices including

  • Visual: LED/Xenon, rotating/static/flashing beacons, traffic lights
  • Sound: electronic sirens & sounders, piezoelectric buzzers, bells
  • Combined: Audible & visual devices

Our versatile ranges are used in markets such as:

Industrial, Process & control, Status indication, Fire & safety, Explosive environments, Obstacle detection, Marine, Automation Security & Protection

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