Want to build a Better World? So do we.

Products with our planet in mind.

Our Better World product range can help you discover and shop for products that represent a greener choice. We’ve made it easy for you – right here in one place.

We’ve partnered with trusted third-party consultants to develop a framework that selects products with sustainability improvements and hold relevant sustainability certifications or eco-labels.

Each product is highlighted on the RS website with has our Better World badge; making it easier for you to make a greener purchasing choice that they can trust.

Our Better World products are just part of our environmental journey. Together we can all strive to become more sustainable and make amazing happen for a better world.

Introducing Better World Products

Take another step towards meeting your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals by choosing Better World products. In this video, our Vice President of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Andrea Barrett, introduces Better World products and explains what assurances it gives you – as well as how it can help your business to get closer to achieving your ESG commitments.

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