Printer Ribbons

A printer ribbon is a cloth soaked in ink that yields printouts.
Printer ribbon is also known as ink ribbon and comes in spools or cartridges.
When printing, the ribbon and paper travel in unison beneath the print head as the ink from the ribbon is transferred onto the paper.
Ink ribbon is used in impact and thermal printers and is excellent when cost and quantity are more important than the intricate detail of an image.
Typical Applications
• Printing calculators
• Fax machines
• Point of sale systems
• Cash registers
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Part Details Brand Stock Works With Printer Models Colour
10 x ribbon cassettes for M160/164 Epson 1170 M-160, M-180 Black
2rolls 1ribbon for h/held impact printer Epson 584 M-160, M-180 Black
Black ribbon for Epson LQ300 printer Epson 96 LQ-200, LQ-300, LQ-300+, LQ-400, LQ-450, LQ-500, LQ-550, LQ-580, LQ-800, LQ-870 Black
Black ribbon for Epson ERC23 Epson 68 M-260, M-290 Black
10 x ribbon cassettes for M150 Epson 60 M-150II Black
Epson C13S015637 Printer Ribbon Epson 53 LX-300+ Black
Red/black ribbon for Epson ERC23 Epson 38 M-260 Black, Red
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