Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning is essential for both maintaining a floor and keeping it clear from dust and dirt. Cleaning is also critical when accidental spills occur, to prevent any accidents or damage to the floor. From sweeping and vacuuming, to scrubbing and mopping, you will find something for cleaning every type of floor. We offer a range of floor cleaners and the required equipment to clean your floor thoroughly and effectively.

How to Clean Hard Floors

Brushes, brooms and mops help keep hard floors clean from germs, dust and debris. Hard floors include hardwood, tile, concrete, vinyl and laminate. Hard floors can use both dry and wet cleaning methods. For example, sweeping and vacuuming to remove debris and then mopping to clean or disinfect the area. Using an appropriate floor cleaner or disinfectant can help for a more effective clean.

Hard floor cleaner may be used indoors or outdoors. For example, to remove algae from a patio or stone, you can brush it first with a hard-bristled broom to remove loose debris from the slab and the grout, then a surface cleaner can provide a deeper clean.

Cleaning large areas may benefit from a floor scrubber. High-traffic areas can provide a buildup of dirt, grime and germs, so using a scrubber will make light work of this. This scrubber will clean the surface and then dry it to ensure a safe surface to be walked on right away, eliminating any associated safety risks of wet floors.

How to Clean Carpets

It is important to keep carpets clean from germs and dirt that can build up in the fibres. Vacuum cleaners are also a great way to remove surface dirt and debris quickly. In addition to the cleaner various attachments allow you to get into hard to reach areas to ensure the entire surface is clean. Specialised carpet cleaners, or carpet shampooers, ensure a deeper clean of the carpet. They spray water and a cleaning solution onto the carpet before suctioning it back up and removing both the moisture and dirt.

How often should a floor be cleaned?

This depends on the type of floor, the amount of traffic and the environment. Hard flooring in a high traffic area and dirtier environment will require cleaning every day. Whilst a low-traffic carpeted home may only require hoovering 1-2 times a week, with a deep clean once or twice a year.