PCB Prototyping & ESD Handling

Everything you need for developing your own PCBs, as well as prototyping boards and PCB spacers, can be found within this range. Our ESD handling area has a large selection of ESD products including packaging materials and grounding products. You will also find our range of buzzers and sounders.

NEW RS Pro Solder Stations

These 80W and 60W stations offer intelligence, accuracy and safety for a great value price. Features include: smart detection function for working and non-working modes, automatic standby and shutdown, high performance dual-core wire heater.

NEW Weller Automatic Solder Dispenser

Your "third hand" for precision hand soldering, this innovative dispenser delivers an even supply of the solder to your tip where and when you need it. Smooth action with consistent results to help you save on costs.

DesignSpark PCB

Specially designed for Rapid Prototyping, turn your circuit ideas into testible boards more efficiently.