Helmet & Hard Hat Accessories

Helmet Accessories are as important as the safety helmet you choose to protect your head. If you wear a safety helmet, you must ensure that you choose the right accessory providing you with complete protection. A wide range of accessories are available that are compatible with standard safety helmets and specialist helmets such as welding helmets.
What is a Helmet Accessory?
Helmet Accessories provide added protection to the wearer. Without an accessory, a safety helmet is just a helmet. An accessory to a safety Helmet can protect your face, eyes, ears, chin no matter what environment. There is an accessory to suit every kind of safety helmet.
Types of Helmet Accessory available:
Chin Guard – Protect your chin and lower face area from impacts, flying debris. Added protection with a face visor.
Chin Strap – Enables a safety helmet to be securely attached to a helmet, adjustable. Made from Elasticated cotton, nylon, cotton, elastic, ribbon
Helmet adapters – Allows you to attached ear defenders to a helmet. Easily mounted, snaps ear defenders into place. Made from durable plastic.
Liners – worn underneath the safety helmet, provide warmth in cold conditions. Fits around the head, face neck and chin. Hook and loop fastening, made from nylon and cotton plus can be waterproof.
Sweatband – fit inside a safety helmet and prevents perspiration from running down a wearers face. Made from leather, cotton, nylon, plastic.
Thermal helmet warmers – Cover the face and head leaving the eyes exposed. Worn underneath a safety helmet. Excellent in low temperatures. Attached to the helmet harness to stay in place. Fit a wide range of available safety helmets, washable can be reused.
Visor carriers – Used when wearing ear defenders with a safety helmet. Allows a removable visor to be attached to the front of the helmet. A visor can be raised and lowered as required.
Face Seals – welding, used underneath a welding helmet, complete face protection from flashes, replaceable.
Filters – welding, hand held, provides added face and eye protection, made from glass
Inner cover plates – welding, provides added face and eye protection.
Front covers – welding, heat reflecting, worn with a welding helmet, protects the front of the face.
Visor plates – welding, fits into a front plate and protects your eyes and face from welding flash.
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Part Details Brand Accessory Type Material Colour For Use With
  • RS Stock No. 185-7229
  • Brand 3M
  • Mfr. Part No. GH2
3M - - - Hard Hat Series G2000
  • RS Stock No. 185-7237
  • Brand 3M
  • Mfr. Part No. GH4
3M - - - Hard Hat Series G3000
Strato Protector Helmet Saver Petzl - PC - STRATO Helmet
V6E Integrated glasses Clear
  • RS Stock No. 185-7230
  • Brand 3M
  • Mfr. Part No. V6E
3M - PC Clear -
Vertex Protector Helmet Saver Petzl - PC - VERTEX Helmet
Vizir Eye Protection Petzl - PC - STRATO Helmet, VERTEX Helmet
Vizir Protector Petzl - PC - VIZIR Eye Shields, VIZIR SHADOW Eye Shields
sweat absorb. f. pheos,alpine,airw.,9780 Uvex Sweatband - Beige Uvex 9780 Antistatic, Uvex Airwing, Uvex Pheos, Uvex Pheos Alpine
9257 Magnetic Chin Strap Alpha Solway - - - -
9256 Standard Chin Strap Alpha Solway - - - -
3M Plastic Black Sweatband
  • RS Stock No. 136-3398
  • Brand 3M
  • Mfr. Part No. HYG50
3M Sweatband Plastic Black G2000 G3000
Sweatband for Evo helmet range
  • RS Stock No. 755-3093
  • Brand JSP
  • Mfr. Part No. AJA840-000-200
JSP Sweatband Cotton Beige EVOLite EVO2 EVO3
RS PRO Cotton Black Liner RS Pro Liner Cotton Black Various
VisiLite Multi EVO2/3/5 Safety Helmet Li
  • RS Stock No. 176-8902
  • Brand JSP
  • Mfr. Part No. AHV855-000-851
JSP - - - -
VisiLite Safety Helmet Light
  • RS Stock No. 176-8901
  • Brand JSP
  • Mfr. Part No. AHV860-000-851
JSP - - - -
Surefit Thermal Helmet Liner
  • RS Stock No. 176-8911
  • Brand JSP
  • Mfr. Part No. AHV002-301-151
JSP - - - -
RS PRO ABS Black Visor Carrier RS Pro Visor Carrier ABS Black 1618134, 1618136, 1618137
RS PRO Plastic Black Sweatband RS Pro Sweatband Plastic Black PC55 Helmet, PG54 Helmet, PS53 Helmet, PS54 Helmet, PS55 Helmet, PW54 Helmet, PW55 Helmet
JSP Polypropylene Black Visor Carrier
  • RS Stock No. 750-6772
  • Brand JSP
  • Mfr. Part No. ANV000-001-108
JSP Visor Carrier Polypropylene Black EVOLite EVO2 EVO3 EVO8
3M PELTOR Elastic, Plastic, Ribbon Black Chin Strap 3M PELTOR Chin Strap Elastic, Plastic, Ribbon Black 4949814 4949808 4949791
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