ESD-Safe Brushes

ESD safe brushes are small, handheld conductive brushes with bristles that are suitable for safely cleaning PCBs(printed circuit boards) and other electrical components prone to damage from ESD (electrostatic discharge).

What are ESD safe brushes used for?

ESD safe brushes are designed to dust PCBs and other static-sensitive items from which particles must be safely removed. These specially developed brushes are ideal for cleaning delicate components, integrated circuits and workstation surfaces. They can also be used for cleaning computer backplanes and motherboardsor bushing down workstations and anti-static mats.

Features and benefits of ESD safe brushes

The ergonomic handles of ESD safe brushes are designed for comfort during prolonged use and are usually made of conductive metal or dissipative (designed to control static) plastic. The firm brush is composed of conductive fibres. These tools are highly resilient, durable and abrasion resistant. Unlike conventional brushes, you can use ESD safe brushes to thoroughly clean ESD sensitive components or assemblies without the danger of high charges being generated.

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Part Details Brand Material Shape Length Dissipative Anti-Static Handle Length Bristle Length Bristle Width Bristle Material Handle Material Handle Shape
ESD antistatic safe tooth brush,60mm RS Pro Plastic Rectangular 245mm Yes No 225mm 20mm 18mm Dissipative Plastic Conductive Plastic Flat
Round ESD Brush, PUR
  • RS Stock No. 160-9412
  • Brand Jelt
  • Mfr. Part No. 3610 (X PAQUETS DE 50)
Jelt PUR Round - - - 150mm 25mm 13mm Polyurethane PUR Round
Dissipative brush,long handle,nylon 30mm Menda Nylon, PP Flat 178mm Yes No 178mm 19mm 0.4mm Nylon Conductive Carbon Loaded Polypropylene Flat
Flat ESD Brush, Plastic Bernstein Tools for electronics Plastic Flat 150mm Yes Yes 150mm 18mm 20mm Natural Conductive Handle Flat
Dissipative brush, flat, nylon, 25.4mm Menda Nylon, PP Flat 150mm Yes No 150mm 19mm 0.4mm Nylon Conductive Carbon Loaded Polypropylene Flat
ESD antistatic safe circular brush,6.3mm RS Pro Plastic Circular 152mm No No 140mm 12mm 6mm Conductive Nylon and Pig Hair Conductive Plastic Round
Conductive PP Brush, 144x50x20mm RS Pro Nylon Flat 164mm Yes No 144mm 20mm 50mm Nylon Conductive Polypropylene Flat
Dissipative brush, curved, nylon 76x38mm Menda Nylon, PP Curved 100mm Yes No 100mm 22mm 0.4mm Nylon Conductive Carbon Loaded Polypropylene Curved
Dissipative brush, round, nylon, 6.4mm Menda Nylon, PP Round 155mm No No 155mm 6mm 0.4mm Horses Hair, Synthetic Conductive Carbon Loaded Polypropylene Round
ESD antistatic safe nail brush,70mm RS Pro Plastic Rectangular 90mm Yes No 70mm 20mm 40mm Dissipative Plastic Conductive Plastic Curved
Dissipative brush, flat, nylon, 50.8mm Menda Nylon, PP Flat 168mm Yes No 168mm 22mm 0.4mm Nylon Conductive Carbon Loaded Polypropylene Flat
Round ESD Brush, Plastic Bernstein Tools for electronics Plastic Round 150mm Yes Yes 150mm 15mm 6mm Natural Conductive Handle Round
BRUSH 7X37X141MM - SOFT HAIRS EUROSTAT PP - 141mm - - 117mm 24mm - - Polypropylene -
BRUSH DIA. 10X148MM - SOFT HAIRS EUROSTAT PP - 148mm - - 131mm 17mm - - Polypropylene -
BRUSH DIA.11x122MM - SOFT HAIRS EUROSTAT PP - 122mm - - 105mm 17mm - - Polypropylene -
Brush,Antistatic Hozan - - - - - - - - - - -
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