Process Control

The RS range of Process Control equipment is essential for managing the complex processes and automation environments. To ensure automated control of plant environments with reliable consistency, accurate measurement and monitoring devices are an essential part of any solution. With everything from temperature control technologies, panel meters, and timers, RS provides solutions and support no what your application. We understand the importance of process control systems and provide a comprehensive range featuring leading automation vendors, including ABB, Omron, Panasonic, Schneider Electric, Eurotherm, West Instruments, and RS PRO.

What Process Control equipment do I need?

Whether in manufacturing or engineering, there are certain process control equipment categories that are widely used. Any commercial or production environment will benefit from:

  • Temperature Controllers are essential for controlled storage conditions, and sensors and temperature monitoring equipment ensures safe, reliable running of mobile and static temperature sensitive storage areas.
  • Panel Meters are vital for maintaining visible control and measurement of process systems and are available in digital and analogue formats. They are essential in power measurement in electrical systems.
  • Timer and Counters are important components in the automation and control of electrical machinery and systems, allowing pre-set responses where mechanical precision is required.