Dot Matrix Printers

Dot Matrix Printers are printers designed to deliver a maintenance free, low costs and reliable printing experience. The unique printing mechanism guarantees a long life operation, much greater than inkjet printers or laser printers.

How does Dot Matrix Printer work?
Dot Matrix Printers use a print head that prints by an impact. A mechanism similar to the one used on a print typewriter but in this case the dot matrix printers draw letters. This option enables the use of varied fonts, graphics and font sizes. It is the ideal device for logging data documents due to the ability of continues printing multi-part pages. There are 2 types of Dot Matrix Printers: 9 and 24 pins. Number of pins determine a print quality, 24 pins printers producing much sharper graphics and text. Manufacturers known from producing high-quality printers are OKI, Epson and Able Systems. A speed of printing is measured in characters per second rather than pages per minute. Dot Matrix Printers are reliable and ideal when the content is more important than the quality of the print output.

What to consider before buying a Dot Matrix Printer?
Before you buy a printer, decide on a few individual choices. The 24-Pin printers are able to produce a sharper result and print at higher speed than 9-Pin printers but are more expensive. Also, the connection type and operating system are important. Check what kind or port is available on your device (USB or RS232) and if your operating system is compatible with the Dot Matrix Printer.
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Part Details Brand Stock Number of Columns Per Line Dots Per Line Print Speed Connection Port Dimensions Weight Depth Width Height
M160 24-column dot-matrix mechanism Epson 56 24 144 0.7lines/s RS232 91 x 42.6 x 12.8mm 75g 42.6mm 91mm 12.8mm
M150 16-column dot-matrix mechanism Epson 21 16 96 16cps RS232 76.2 x 42.6 x 12.8mm 60g 42.6mm 76.2mm 12.8mm
M164 40-column dot-matrix mechanism Epson 10 40 240 0.4lines/s RS232 91 x 42.6 x 12.8mm 75g 42.6mm 91mm 12.8mm
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