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Part Details Type Bin/Bag Volume Quantity Bins/Bags per Package Kit Contents
2 x Sharps Disposal Kit, 0.25L Kit 0.25L 2 1 Safe Hand Grabbing Device, 1 Stainless Steel Forceps, 10 Disinfectant Wipes, 2 HypaClean Disinfectant Spray (50 mL), 2 Sharps Bin (0.25 L), 4 Polypropylene Forceps, 5 (HypaTouch DIsposable Gloves (Pair)
Self seal biohazard waste bag,25pcs Bag - 25Each -
Sharps Disposal Bin, 1 litre Bin 1L 1 Sharp Disposal Box
Sharps Disposal Bin, 4 Litre Bin 4L 1 Sharp Disposal Box
Sharps Bin 7 Litres Bin 7L 1 -
First aid body fluids spill kit Kit - 1Each Absorbent Powder (100 g), Cloth x 6, Disinfectant Spray (500 ml), Protective Clothing x 6, Scoop x 6
Body Fluids & Sharps Disposal Kit, 0.25L Kit 0.25L 1 Biohazard Waste Bag, Cloth x 2, Disinfectant Wipes, Gloves, Instruction Card, Pair Disposable Gloves, Plastic Forceps, Polythene Apron, Scraper and Scoop, Sharps Bin (0.25 litre), Yellow Biohazard Disposal Bag
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