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Pneumatic Components

CP96 VDMA Cylinders
ISO/VDMA profile cylinders with 25mm to 500mm strokes and interchangeable with other brands of profile cylinders.

FRL Assemblies
Ready to use FRL assemblies with 3/8", 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" port connections operating up to 10/17 bar.

Polyurethane Tubing
Flexible pneumatic tubing, ideal for push-fit connectors, available in 4-12mm OD and a choice of colours.

Festo Roundline Cylinders
DSNU series roundline profile double-acting cylinders in stroke lengths 10-320mm

SMC Pneumatic Grippers
2 and 3 figure double action grippers often used in pick & place and packaging machinery.

Inline Manual Valves
Inline manual pneumatic control valves with push fit or threaded ports.

Digital Pressure Switches
ISE series digital pressure switches can prevent over pressure and monitor system performance.

SDE5 Pressure Sensors
A cost effective and simple pressure sensor with teach-in, LED indication and analogue outputs

Associated Products

SMC Blow Guns
Blow guns with air saving nozzle technology and high durability design.

Gauge Manometers
Handheld digital pressure gauges with ranges up to 20bar for either air or gas pressure measurement

Analogue Pressure Guages
A low cost, yet reliable way to monitor system pressure either on FRL assemblies or anywhere in the process.

CPG1500 Digital Gauge
An advanced digital pressure gauge with customisable range and data-logging capability.


Leak Detection Spray
A handy leak detection spray which can help track down air or gas leaks safely.

138 piece Socket Set
1/2in, 1/4in & 3/8in hex drive set featuring the most popular socket sizes and a wide range of combination spanners.

Polyflex Gloves
Polyflex Plus gloves offer grip, durability and comfort and are perfect for wet or slightly oily tasks.

FACOM Ratchet Spanner Set
A 7 piece superior quality set of reversible ratchet combination spanners, with sizes from 8mm to 19 m.

Key brands in Pneumatics


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