What is industrial sensing? Industrial sensing covers a broad range of applications and sensor types, and are a key part of factory automation and Industry 4.0. To better serve our customers, we work with a wide range of industry leading suppliers to develop solutions that fit your needs.

Industrial machinery can be found in a variety of environments and under diverse types of strain such as endless mechanical stress, extreme temperatures, or constant vibration. Industrial machinery needs to be durable enough to operate in harsh environments and reliable enough to be consistently productive. As a result, industrial sensors need to be both reliable and durable. To help optimize operations, sensors are implemented to measure important data to be analyzed. Industrial Sensors can range from those that measure motion and vibration, to temperature, to humidity, and more.

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Sensors create an opportunity to read measurement properties to predict failure, monitor levels, and increase efficiencies to create smart factories. Accurate measurements in harsh environments and conditions are vital to productivity. We have expanded our stock of sensors to cover more types of equipment and processes. Furthermore, we have also introduced TE’s sensor solutions to enable Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT).

Explore industrial sensing solutions from: TE Connectivity, STMicroelectronics and Maxim Integrated.

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