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You're joining a family of over one million customers around the world who rely on us for the power of our specialist export expertise.

Our world class export centre of excellence stems from RS’ heritage of serving international customers like you for over 40 years.

We know that exporting can be time consuming and costly. And we know you have better things to do than worry about your order being safe and compliant. Our in-house Export Solutions team take care of everything so you have time to focus on the things that matter. We’ll help you avoid the potential risks and produce all the paperwork you need including certifications, export licences, customs documentation as well as making sure any hazardous products are packaged compliantly.

We have long-standing relationships with in-house freight-forwarders and delivery agents such as DHL and Geodis Wilson and can offer you up to 20% cost savings on both freight and packaging. By using RS for your export needs you could also save up to two days on your delivery times, another benefit that comes from our in-house partnerships.

RS’s experienced Export Solutions team could bring you a 15% saving in processing efficiencies on your paperwork preparation, and a 20% cost saving on certification fees. And you can be safe in the knowledge that it’s all being prepared by experts.

We provide you with a complete end-to-end experience from quote to onward shipping for destinations around the world, on and offshore, in some of the most remote areas.

No matter where you are, we ensure your products get delivered as efficiently and carefully as possible.

Leave the how to us.


Above all else, our export offer is underpinned by the expertise and experience of our people. People who are focused, have great attention to detail, who understand international trade and are diligent day-in, day-out in what they do. Our team is highly trained and specialised, and we use the Institute of Export for this training.


HS Codes, Country of Origin, customs declarations, export licences… we know export paperwork can be confusing to you. But when you’re exporting, the right documentation is crucial in protecting both RS and your business to ensure your goods arrive with no delays or fines. RS have the experience and expertise to manage all of your export requirements.


The Export Solutions team understand the seriousness of international trade and the importance of getting it right. Dangerous or hazardous goods and dual-use items pose different challenges and RS are best placed to support and protect you and your business. In an increasingly complex world, we know you need to be able to say your goods and your supply chain is safe and secure.


The RS Export Solutions team are a highly focused customer service team who understand the value of you as a customer. We understand the challenges of exporting and have built a best-in-class global network to support you and your business.


The RS Export Solutions team are seen as a trusted supplier to our customers, providing a best-in-class export service. We can allow you to focus on more productive areas of your business, knowing you can leave the how of exporting to us.

Experts at Export

The RS Export Solutions team are an authority in exporting, regarded by both our customers and professional bodies as experts in the export industry. Our recent accreditation by the Institute of Export and International Trade is a great achievement and shows our commitment to you in being the best in international trade.

Keeping our friends close.

We work together with in-house partners such as DHL to ensure you get the best express service and preferential rates on your shipping costs.

Our team are trained by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in global standards for airline safety relating to air cargo and dangerous goods. We ensure your goods are all packaged compliantly to IATA standards.

Our experienced customer service team have international accreditation from the Institute of Export, receiving specialist training and certification.

We also use market leading systems such as Amber Road, a global trade management system, to ensure the highest level of export compliance and validation.

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