Keeping your building operational

We understand the difficulty in keeping your site operational in these challenging times. Whether you're only just starting to return to work or have been operational throughout the crisis, keeping your building and site maintained and fully operational is a business imperative, as well as being important for your staff and customers.

Popular Building & Site Maintenance Brands


Lighting which hasn't been used for a while can fail at switch on. Why not be prepared?

Circuit Protection

From MCB and distribution panels to RCDs and surge protection, all are crucial for reliable power.

Cable & Wire

Single core, tri-rated, electrical, multi-core and data cable - we've got it all plus any accessories you might need.

Site Security

Whether securing your building or making public spaces safe, we have everything you need.

Cleaning & Lubricants

Clean it, lubricate and protect it. Industrial chemicals for every application available here.

Test & Measurement

Find electrical and electronic, handheld and bench top equipment to help you test, measure and monitor.