To improve your customer experience we are making some changes to the way your orders and queries are managed.

We have made the decision to close the RS Americas website and instead service you via the RS Export website, which will be available for you to use on Thursday 1st July.

Will my login details from the website work on the website?

Your login details will work on the RS Export site as they previously did on the RS Americas website. You'll still have access to your full account details and even be able to see your order history as before.

Will the delivery cost still be $9.99?

Yes you will still pay just $9.99 for the delivery of your order.

Will the delivery time increase?

Delivery times will not increase, in fact we hope to make them quicker due to the changes that we are making to improve efficiency.

Can I still access the same range of products?

You will now actually be able to order from a wider range of products than before, you will now have access to the full RS catalogue of products. This means you'll have a choice of over 600k products.